EMS 7500

EMS 7500

All too often, pain management becomes a dreary routine involving prescription drugs, OTC painkillers or frequent visits to a physical therapist. It doesn't have to be that way. With the EMS 7500, pain management just got a whole lot easier.

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Product description

The EMS 7500 is designed to stimulate muscles for both pain relief and exercise purposes. It offers a great alternative to drug treatments or invasive pain-relief strategies. This unit is powered by an easy-to-find 9V battery, and its small size makes it very portable. Most importantly, the machine is very easy to use and helps extend professional electrotherapy treatments to the home. Simply apply the electrode pads in the affected area, select from three modes, and muscle stimulation begins. The EMS 7500 can be used to treat muscle soreness, muscle spasms, pain from damaged nerves and more. Everyday lower back pain can be easily managed at home, without medication, using the EMS 7500. This unit also works well for post-surgery soreness or pain. Muscle stimulation from the EMS 7500 can help rebuild muscle in atrophied areas. Whether for tired muscles or pain from a serious injury, the EMS 7500 can help stimulate muscles to relieve pain, all at a very affordable price tag.


Product Specifications:

•Powered by 9V battery
•Three modes
•Dual channels
•Belt clip
•Attractive silver finish