PROGLIDE Cervical Collar

PROGLIDE Cervical Collar

The Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar is an active therapy device designed to reduce the symptoms of Forward Head Carriage. This unnatural head position can shift the cervical spine out of alignment, leading to radiculopathy, neuropathy and cervicogenic pain. The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar promotes improved posture and a more natural alignment which helps in the treatment of this disorder. Code L0180 Approved!

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Product description

The Proglide 180 Cervical Collar offers superior motion control of the cervical region in a comfortable, easy-to-use device. The unique height adjustment technology allows for customized fitting with the simple turn of a knob. The one size fits most design reduces inventory, saving money. The Proglide 180 Cervical Collar is a complete solution for individuals with a cervical condition that requires the use of an extended wear collar.

Features & Benefits

  • Anterior and posterior height adjustments
  • Twelve levels of chin height adjustment using an ergonomic pull-out knob
  • Soft cloth inner liner for comfort, perspiration absorption, and pressure distribution
  • MRI, CT and X-ray compatible
  • Large tracheal opening