Why Pinnacle West?

Our goal at Pinnacle West is to provide superior service and products to our patients and our doctors; making the business of dealing with DME easy.

No Risk, No hassles, No headaches

  • Our team will take care of all claims and handle billing concernsDME Training Videos Available
  • Once DME is dispensed we handle the rest

In and out of network options

  • We have programs that will work with most major medical carriers
  • We can set up customizable programs that will work with every office
  • If you want to bill it yourself we can help
  • No out of pocket expense
  • We can provide all the product to your office with no cost to your practice
  • We can sell you the product if you would like to bill it yourself

Additional revenue streams

  • Our fees for service allows your office to have additional revenue streams without the risk or cost of dealing with the insurance companies
  • We can assist you in understanding how to bill DME yourself

Assist doctor’s treatment in improving patient’s health faster

  • We can deliver your patients high quality DME that will assist in your care
  • We are continuously looking to keep up with the improvements in our industry ensuring that you have access to the latest and greatest DME available

Seamless integration into your practice

  • Our process allows for seamless integration into your procedures and protocols

We have developed software that gives you a direct portal into our system allowing for an easy, simple way to get product to your patient